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Jena Against Thebes

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Jeffrey Jena is dropping Lit101 knowledge on us today, in service of a strained analogy that, while not quite as hilariously nonsensical as the stuff Skip Press comes up with, still makes a good effort.  Before we get into why Obama is just like Oedipus though, let me address this:

I was watching the President at Notre Dame a few weeks ago and hoping that one good Catholic student would rise in defense of the church and the unborn and do what the Jesuits teach best, question authority. I wanted just one strong Catholic woman to respectfully express her disappointment with the school’s decision to invite a man so at odds with many of the teachings of the church. It didn’t happen, or if it did I didn’t see it reported.

A few things:

1) No one staged a protest during the Notre Dame commencement because conservative  (or otherwise vehemently pro-life) students held an alternative ceremony, which was widely covered by AP, the cable nets, etc.  I even saw students from that ceremony interviewed on my own local Fox news.

2) “Good Catholic.”  Fuck yourself, Jeffrey Jena.  In ’99 or so, when George Bush started copping John Paul II’s “culture of life” line, he convientiently made it all about abortion.  The Pope’s call for a “culture of life” was also, clearly, a call for an end to the death penalty and euthanasia.  We all know George Bush’s record on the death penalty, and yet there was no national coverage of the (modest) protests staged by the Progressive Student Alliance, Pax Christi, and others when Bush delivered the 2002 commencement at Notre Dame.  There was no hand-wringing over the state of ND’s “Catholic character.”

3) Obama’s never personally overseen an abortion.  Can’t say the same of George Bush with regard to executions.

4) Notre Dame is not a Jesuit university.  It is a Holy Cross university.  This might seem like a nitpick, but there is an enormous difference.  One a “Good Catholic” would appreciate.

But enough of me nerding out over Catholicism (though I’d be happy to continue in the comments!)  Let’s get to the meat of Jena’s argument:

As I watched the address, and many of the events since, I realized that what we are all watching is the unfolding of a classical Greek drama. It is interesting to note that the early Greek tragedies started with a song of praise to the god Dionysus who was known to inspire ecstasy and madness. Perhaps our unfolding modern drama was begun by the mainstream media’s song of praise for Mr. Obama. Aristotle thought a good tragedy should arouse both fear and pity … anybody with me yet?

No, no one is with you.  Because you sound like a crazy person.  Not every goddamn thing in human culture is directly relatable to the narrow world of American electoral politics.  I don’t know when Big Hollywood contributors are going to realize that offering up an analogy between Obama and whatever random Wikipedia pages they opened that day doesn’t serve to illuminate anything other than their own wackness.

The first element in a classical tragedy is the noble hero or protagonist. The hero must appear at first to be perfect though he has a fatal flaw. The hero is driven to accomplish some great task but his flaw will make this go horribly awry. The protagonist in our tragedy is Mr. Obama. He is the modern Oedipus tortured by his abandonment as a child by his mother. He craves the love she showed for causes and others but not him. Rejection by his mother caused him to doubt his worthiness to be loved and develop low self esteem. I know that might sound a little nutty — how can someone who has risen so far have low self esteem? Many overachievers are driven by that same flaw. This character fault also may have led him to experiment with drugs and alcohol in his early years.

I’d love to know the basis for this bit of pop psychoanalysis.  Random pull-quotes from The Audacity of Hope that Jena got from an e-mail forward?  I always squirmed during the Bush years, whenever a fellow LIBTARD would try to tell me that Iraq was all about Bush’s daddy issues.  I’m pretty disappointed (though not entirely surprised) to see conservative commentators start in with the same bullshit.  I wonder how Jena would explain Bush’s experimentation with drugs and alcohol?  For SHAME, Bar, we never knew what an absentee mother you were.

At the same time he seeks the approval and love of that dead parent, Mr. Obama tries to prove that she was wrong to reject him. His desire to achieve has brought him to see his destiny as being a leader and a man that commands respect. He first tried to find this in community organizing and then in politics. His rise will prove his mother’s rejection of him to have been a mistake. His drive to achieve and win love and affection from a distant and cold mother is also what keeps him from denouncing his old friends like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. If he rejects those who have accepted him he will be exactly like his mother when his whole life is a struggle to prove he is not.

The next element of tragedy is hubris. The hero feels entitled, that his abilities will allow him to overcome fate and to violate moral law without consequence. Mr. Obama, also like Oedipus, is afflicted by the sin of hubris. In Ancient Greece that overwhelming sense of pride and entitlement was considered not only a character flaw but was a crime. The Greeks felt that pride often led to poor judgment and unnecessary acts of violence against ones enemies. Acts of hubris were often hypocritical and would, in Greek drama, eventually lead to the protagonist’s downfall. We see this in Mr. Obama recent “date night” in New York City.

This bit is fantastic.  Yes, Jena.  Taking your wife for a weekend in New York is an affront to fate and gods!  Never has a world leader been so consumed by the sin of pride as to take his wife on a date.  Cover your children’s eyes!  Quelle horror!


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June 7, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Jena Calls for Creation of Orwellian Nightmare

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Jeffrey Jena is in “here’s a question that I think is devastatingly rhetorical, but is really easily answered with 5 seconds of googling” mode again.

I was amused when the White House announced that it was going to look into the whole flap surrounding the buzzing of The Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan by Air Force One a few days ago.

The White House announced that it was unaware of the plan to scare the pants off of half of one of America’s busiest cities and had “just found out about it.” Really, is someone out joyriding in the president’s plane around New York without permission? What if there had been a national emergency and he had to rush out to Edwards AFB.

“Hey, where is my ride?”

There are, in fact, two identical planes designated with the call-sign “Air Force One,” one of which is used almost exclusively as a backup and for photo-op situations like this one.  As this whole thing was set up through DoD, it’s completely unsurprising that the White House hadn’t been involved or well-informed.  

Here is the kicker. The Obama team prides itself in how they are so, twittered up, tech savvy and Internet geeky but apparently none of these folks have ever heard of a little think called Adobe Photoshop!  Forget flying around New Your Harbor. I could have shown The President’s jet sitting in the middle of the Rose Bowl, buzzing Kim Jong Il’s palace or pulling the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders water-skiing across Crater Lake!

Jena is stealing this bit from the New York Daily News, without sourcing, but yeah, again, as every article I can find about this incident clearly points out, this was a DoD operation.  The argument that our government should be ‘shopping photo-ops whenever possible does strike me as a weird one; as if the Freepers wouldn’t make themselves pass out by screaming “ORWELL! ORWELL!” over and over at the prospect of such a thing.

If anything, the lesson here is just that DoD has a shitty press department, and someone should probably do something about that.  

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May 1, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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I Am Nothing If Not Obliging

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Fuck you, Jeffrey Jena, you smug, unfunny piece of shit. Fuck your mother.  Fuck your sister(1).  Fuck Andrew Breitbart, fuck Dennis Miller, fuck Bob and Tom, and fuck any other individual, past, present, or future drunk enough to think hiring you is good idea.  Fuck your agent, fuck your friends, fuck your acquaintances, fuck any passing motorist who sees you crossing the street and brakes.

Fuck the state, county, city, school district, and street that spawned you.  Fuck the state, county, city, and street where you currently live.

Fuck everything you love.  Fuck everything you even mildly enjoy.

(1) Assuming you have a sister.  If you do not, please substitute the appropriate of-age female member of your family with whom you share the closest relationship.

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April 28, 2009 at 7:53 pm

Excuse Me, Your CRAZY is Showing

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tin-foil-hatJeffrey Jena finds a massive left-wing conspiracy in the fact that the national media didn’t spend enough time talking about the Tea Parties (!):

On March 2nd there was a demonstration in Washington D.C. It was billed as the largest demonstration for green power/global warming awareness/stop dirty coal/ let’s all go live in a tepee, ever held. It was attended by, (are you ready for the number?), 2,500 people. That was the largest one ever! This demonstration was covered by every major television and news service. No station or alleged newspaper gave any coverage to opposing opinions. Ironically there was a blizzard that day another fact which, to the best of my knowledge, was not noted by any major news outlet.

Thirteen days later one of the first of the grassroots “Tea Parties” was held in Cincinnati Ohio. Over five thousand average middle-class folks showed up on Fountain Square in the center of the city. Their message was simple, we can’t afford our government! Did you see it on CNN? Maybe you caught it on ABC or MSNBC? If you did you need to check the strength of your prescriptions, it wasn’t on any of them. In fact, the overwhelming success of this protest against rampant, run away big government was one of the inspirations for yesterday’s national day of protest. But unless you live in Cincinnati you probably never heard about it.

First off, Jesus Christ, you wanted more coverage of the Tea Parties?  It’s all any of the cable news nets talked about last week, and, shit, Fox News has been the Tea Party Channel for a solid three weeks now.

Second, I actually hadn’t heard or read anything about this Eco-protest that supposedly got such massive coverage.  After some googling, I guess he’s talking about the Capitol Climate Action.  I don’t know what cable news said about it (my suggestion to Jena: watch less cable news), but in terms of print coverage, it garnered one AP article (which was carried around various mid-level dailies, but neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post carried it, though one of the NYT’s online blogs covered it), and one piece in Time, which does mention the blizzard.  (Note to Jena:  Instead of using caveats like “to the best of my knowledge,” why don’t you just take five seconds to google your assertions before hitting “Post”).

You wouldn’t know that from the coverage. Everyone from CNN to MSNBC to my local paper went out of their way to make it seem like anyone who attended one of these gatherings was a right-wing extremist! Right-wing extremist, hummm where have I heard that term lately? Wasn’t there some sort of government document leaked to the public the day before all these Tea Parties? I am not a believer in coincidence, especially in politics. I believe that the Department of Homeland Security report was released in an effort to intimidate some citizen and keep them from attending the anti-tax rallies.

You know, a lesson the left has learned well is that, if you’re going to stage mass protests, reporters are going to interview protesters.  You can’t really be angry when reporters interview someone who doesn’t stay on message, or is a little crazy.  Protesters aren’t professional politicians!  That’s the point!  They aren’t always going to be able to regurgitate careful-constructed talking points.  Sometimes they’ll go too far.  I’m not sure how you can blame the media itself for this, unless you expect them to shelve unflattering interviews and only air flattering ones.  Which, they ain’t gonna do.

I’m sick of talking about that completely innocuous DHS publication, but you can see my take on it here, if you like.  The only new bit here is the implication that DHS leaked this publication specifically to mess with the Tea Parties (I’m not sure how this would’ve accomplished that).  All you have to do is read the publication to realize it has absolutely nothing to do with that.

These demonstrations were too many and too big to be ignored so the leftists in the media moved to their second tactic, belittle and mock. I am sure that you may have seen alleged journalist from Anderson Cooper to Susan Roesgen to Keith Obermann mocking you and your beliefs. Belittling your efforts to make your voices heard. I personally have had enough of a mediocre sportscaster passing himself off as an intellectual. His program would be alright if it were on the proper cable channel at the proper time: Comedy Central sandwiched in between Stewart and Colbert. It would probably also get better ratings.

Yeah, I wonder what it would be like to have well-paid cable news talking heads spouting transparent one-sided rhetoric.  Must suck.

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April 18, 2009 at 6:12 pm

I Think Jeffrey Jena is Having a Stroke

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burnt_toast-724090Seriously.  He didn’t even need, like, a link or an article or a news item to set off his latest paranoid rant:

Wow! Here is what I did today. I taught my comedy writing classes, I went to the driving range and YMCA with my son, and I worked for about four hours on a new web site I‘m helping to launch. Let me see was there anything else? Oh yeah, I became a dangerous potential terrorist and enemy of the state.

How did I become more dangerous to America than an Islamic fundamentalist with a vest full of C-4? It was all my fault! You see, I was so worried about Big Brother I didn’t see Big Sister sneaking up on me.  Janet Napolitano has declared that a lot of Americans who are only exercising their constitutional rights are a danger to the country. 

I am completely baffled.  I read this piece like 5 times, thinking I missed the link or the pull-quote that set him off.  Nothing.  He’s talking about the same thing as that John Romano piece I covered two posts back, I guess?  Maybe?  

There are only two news items today about Napolitano: 1) about her cracking down on border security and on companies that hire illegal immigrants, and 2) her issuing a statement about that publication that had Romano in fits.

“We monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States,” Napolitano said Wednesday. “We don’t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence.”

Even the Washington Times article that Romano linked to freely admits that DHS has put out several similar publications assessing risks from violent left-wing groups.  It’s DHS’ job to monitor groups that make violent threats.

But all of this is neither here nor there, because I’m not even sure if this is what Jena is referring to.  It’s just as likely that my first instinct was right and he’s simply having a stroke and is spitting up bile at random.

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April 15, 2009 at 6:59 pm