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What If John T. Simpson Were a Liberal?

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I’m not really one for speculative fiction outside of Harry/Snape slashfic,  but it’s an intriguing question.  Probably he’d be just as long-winded and incoherent, only more in a stoner way than in a forehead-vein-about-to-burst way.

How would the Left report the news if Obama were a Republican, i.e. an Uncle Tom, as many on the Left call now-GOP Chairman Michael Steele? Eureka! That’s it! See, it’s one thing for me to point out the obvious, as I did in my media slam yesterday. But what if we walked GOP President Obama’s media coverage through the mirror darkly, as was SOP for President Bush?

NOW we’re gonna have some fun!

NOW!  HAVE IT!  HAVE THE FUN!  Also, what’s with the 1 Corinthians up ins?  Am I at a crappy yuppie wedding?  If so, it better not be a cash bar.

I ain’t going to bother responding the substance of Simpson’s little acid trip here, since I think Olbermann, Roesgen, and Franken are all pretty annoying, but I hardly need to point out that Simpson neglects to mention what Fox News, talk radio, and, hell, his own forum would be like.

The Wolf Blitzer dig strikes me as a little strange, though, given that 1) he just seems like the kind of reporter who is going to suck up to anyone in power, regardless of party and 2) on a slow news day, he invariably does the here’s-what’s-on-Drudge today thing.

Oh, and if Simpson were a liberal he’d probably be a Truther.  Yeah, definitely.


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April 30, 2009 at 2:56 am

Handshake from Rush, Generous Only, 50 Roses

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I actually agree with the substance of this Big Hollywood post on the problems with Air America, though it does contain the usual hyperventilating over the Fairness Doctrine and how liberals (thousands upon thousands of nameless liberals!) are clamoring for its reinstatement.  

It’s true that Air America was run by people who didn’t know radio, and thought they could run a successful station based on name-rec alone.  Not so much.  

But, someone, please, anyone, tell me what the fucking fuck this is supposed to mean:

Air America also fails to resonate in the heartland.  Most decent people still believe in an old fashioned handshake as their bond.  There was no handshake coming from Air America.  There was from Rush and always will be. 

As of  this writing, Rush has yet to offer me a handshake.