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John Nolte Uncovers Reality’s Hidden Liberal Bias

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John Nolte is upset about an upcoming film portraying a veteran with PTSD.

Leftist Hollywood loathes everything the American Military stands for: Honor, patriotism, selflessness and masculinity. Openly trashing the troops backfired decades ago, so the tactics had to change. Today, “support” for the troops is reflected in film after film after film stereotyping America’s best and brightest as victims, dupes, head cases and monsters.

Since 2003, more members of the armed services have been diagnosed (by the military itself) with PTSD than have been killed or wounded.  So, you know, a movie that shows a veteran with PTSD shows something more likely to happen than a movie that shows a member of the armed services being killed in combat.

But wait!  Nolte has anticipated this criticism!

Sure, each individual film might be defensible in some way as “factual” or “realistic,” but you have to look at the cumulative effect of the same “factual” and “realistic” focus pumped into theatres again and again and again…

Now, I’m known for giving Big Hollywood writers shit about their near-constant use of scare-quotes, but this might be the most hilarious instance yet.

You liberals, with your “reality” and your “facts”!  What kind of pinko propaganda uses “facts” to portray “reality”????

If Stephen Colbert read the above quote on his show you’d accuse him of being over-the-top.


Written by dieblucasdie

November 12, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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