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Steven Crowder’s putting that ill-gotten Pajamas Media money to good use with a… “Jaywalking” bit purporting to show how dumb Obama voters are.

First off, Crowder be bitin John Ziegler’s style.  If there exists a benevolent God who loves me, there’s an unhinged 60,000 word Ziegler post accusing Crowder of plagiarism forthcoming.

Next up, Crowder claims these people are “Obama voters,” but that seems to be an assumption based on the fact that he’s doing this bit in Hollywood.  Several of the people he talks to have thick British accents, and a couple others have unplaceable-to-my-ear (they only speak a few words) Eastern European accents.

But hey, that’s sort of beside the point.  Dumb people exist!  Intelligent but politically uninformed people exist!  Some of them vote for Obama!  If this is supposed to prove that Obama won because liberals/Democrats/young people/etc are stupid, well, take a look at the comments to this very piece:

I dear for the species.

obama the brittony spears of US Presidents

I would love to see the same thing done at a few Conservative Collages like Baylor, Brigham Young or Bob Jones University, then contrast the results in one video.

And to think, Odumber and the Dims brag about their youth constituency.

“Odumber!”  I C WUT U DID THAR!  These are all comment posters with a >50 status on Big Hollywood‘s creepy reputation scale, by the way.  We just need to start restricting the franchise to keep out all these dumb liberals so this vanguard can lead us toward an age of peace, enlightenment, power, and prosperity.


Written by dieblucasdie

November 10, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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