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Big Hollywood is 6 Months Old!

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Congratulations!  Here’s John Nolte’s full half-birthday post, with helpful citations added by yours truly:

Big Hollywood celebrates its six month anniversary this week and everyone here at Breitbart Central Command would like to thank all of you who have made this half year an exhilarating(1) and fulfilling(2) success(3).

First off, many, many thanks to the readers(4),(5), especially those who contribute to the lively(6) and engaging(7) community on the comment boards(8). You have made this site addictive long after the regular content’s been consumed.

But nothing would be possible without the generosity(9) and talent(10) of our growing family of writers. For six months we’ve been blessed with some of the best content anywhere — thoughtful(11), articulate(12), persuasive(13), lively(14), witty(15), passionate(16), respectful(17), informed(18) content. This site was created as your forum but in exchange your voice has offered so much more in return.

I speak for everyone here when I say that the pleasure that comes from reading Big Hollywood is only matched by the pleasure that comes from knowing and working with its contributors(19).

(1) “I’m a proud “douchebag” and I’m happy to say I am a proud, loud listener of Rush Limbaugh!” – Brian Jennings

(2) “Twilight should be hailed as the work of iconoclasts.” – John Nolte

(3) “I wanted to pop in here to let “Big Hollywood” readers know about the just-published spy thriller I wrote with my friend Keith Korman. What is it like? Well, think of an episode of “24″ written by Proust. – Rich Lowry

(4) “Having listened to the filth spewing from those three [Fey, Couric, Dowd], it is clear that those 3 harpies used their pads first before tossing them [at Sarah Palin].” – Commentator

(5) “I found it pretty easy to keep from having sex as a teen, not because I didn’t have offers, I just couldn’t stomach the idea of having sex with any male I knew.” – Commentator

(6) “I think Adam [Lambert] transcends sexuality.” – Commentator

(7) “Like Zo said – you are no better than DL who is chained to the mantel of the DNC like a good HN should be, and is expected to be by their masters.” – Commentator


(9) “There’s nothing great about humanity.” – Doug TenNapel

(10) “At this point I had to assume she had herpes. She left me no choice.” – Jon David

(11)  “Intelligence has only made us immoral with more knowledge.” – Doug TenNapel

(12) “I’m done being a good, soft-spoken, withering WASP.  Men wearing beanies no longer turn me off.” – Charles Winecoff

(13) “Women, correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t even seem to be that “dime store floozy” stigma attached to being the “town pump” anymore.” – Steven Crowder

(14) “Anybody got a problem with that, I’ll mapquest you directions to my front door, we’ll settle it like men.” – Gary Graham


(16)  “If I were boss, for starters, I’d censor movies.” – Burt Pretlusky

(17)  “if you’ve been watching 24 this season, you’ve seen a taste of what Pope John Paul II meant by ‘the genius of the feminine.'” – KLo

(18) “The truth is that atheism is literally a “retarded” philosophy in the sense that it is very “late to the table” in its thinking.” – Steven Crowder

(19) “John Cook, this is Andrew Breitbart. I’m basically fuming and I’m reading your shit at Gawker right now, saying that this guy’s a rightwing extremist. And it’s such a fucking slander on people like me. This guy went after, this guy was after neocons like me who are conservative. He had the address of The Weekly Standard there. Conservatives believe in individual liberty, they don’t believe in group’s rights. This guy’s a multiculturalist, just like the black studies and the lesbian studies majors on college campuses. This guy was a 9/11 truther. This guy’s hardly a rightwinger. This guy’s political philosophy is more akin to the drivel that you hear on a college campus that delineates us by group, not by individuality. It’s the exact opposite of my political philosophy. It’s deeply offensive that you would use this for political gain. I could care less how you describe me in regards to Drudge or anything, but for you to put on me this fuck-face crime against humanity is so fucking beyond the pale.” – Andrew Breitbart


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