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I’ve been waiting patiently for a Big Hollywood contributor to weigh in on George Tiller’s murder (you may remember Doug TenNapel contributing to the O’Reilly-driven hysteria about Tiller’s clinic before his death).  I expected the “one bad apple”/”can’t blame a political movement for the actions of one nutjob” etc etc argument, but it never materialized.  Which is interesting, because BH posted several pieces making that case with respect to last week’s shootings at the Holocaust museum.  Silence on Tiller, though.  I wonder why?

The only piece to bring up the Tiller murder is one of Greg Gutfield’s daily dashed-off-between-burrito-bites “Gregologues,” which takes an angle I wasn’t expecting at all:

Am I wrong for not caring?

I mean, I know that soon there will be a movie about Tiller (not about William Long, of course), probably starring walking hairpiece Ted Danson. But I still don’t care. I mean, I know that killing Tiller is wrong. It’s murder. And if you’re against the killing of unborn children, you can’t just go out and kill a man, even if he kills unborn children.

But that still doesn’t explain why I don’t care. And I’m willing to bet that the rest of America – save the media – don’t care much either.

Why is that? It’s not about Tiller’s murder being wrong. I get that. That’s not the issue. This issue is, when you make priorities of “stuff that’s wrong” – is it more wrong to kill a dumpster full of viable babies, than to kill the doc who fills that dumpster?

Making fun of a just-murdered guy’s hair.  Classy.  Beyond that, though, Gutfeld is so busy thinking up fart jokes that it’s not really clear which argument he is trying to make.  It’s either:

1) Tiller’s murder, while morally wrong, is not newsworthy.


2) Tiller’s murder, while morally wrong, is not worth discussing because he did something I think is worse.

If it’s 1), that’s a little hard to swallow given the fact that, to date, Big Hollywood has run 10 pieces on David Letterman’s Willow Palin joke, and a whopping 24 pieces on Miss California.  And let’s not forget that piece about the institutional religious implications of Miley Cyrus.  By those standards, I think the murder of a man who was only made notable in the first place by media coverage from the conservative movement, is clearly newsworthy.

If it’s 2) then, well, it’s just a cowardly way for Gutfeld to say he thinks Tiller deserved to die.  “Sure, sure, murder is wrong.  But whatevs.”


Written by dieblucasdie

June 16, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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  1. Good work.

    There WAS another post, though.

    To save you the trouble, Joe Phillips complains about how wing-nuts like the Tiller-Killer damage the movement and then goes on to concentrate on over-simplifying the existence of abortion in our country.

    Anyhow, I left a comment about how it’s not only the Tiller-Killer that does damage to the movement, it’s that the pro-life movement has dogma nut-jobs like Bill O’Reilly and Gilbert Gottfield as their spokespeople, which does even more damage to the movement.

    Did anyone respond? No. But, my score still sits at a +1, so go figure.


    June 19, 2009 at 6:52 pm

  2. Oh yeah, Phillips posted that piece the day after this. I didn’t feel the need to cover it since it largely makes the “lone nutjob” argument I anticipated, and says a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make any sense about some undefined concept called “moral clarity.”

    Just because I don’t agree with him doesn’t mean I’m unclear!


    June 19, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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