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I’m only going to do this once more, because I’m sure James Hudnall’s piece characterizing the Sotomayor nomination as an affirmative action hire is just the first of many.  He claims

When you favor someone because of their race over others who are equally or more qualified, that’s racism.

without offering any evidence that this is in fact the case with Sotomayor.  So go ahead, name me a liberal white male judge more qualified than Sotomayor.  

Identity politics is racist, sexist, tribalist, classist nonsense. If our society is to ever truly grow up, we need to kill it off with extreme prejudice.

You’re the one playing at identity politics, and you’re the one being racist, when any time a person of color (and especially a woman of color) is hired, you immediately cry “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” without any evidence.  The argument isn’t just “People of color shouldn’t be hired over better qualified white people,” it’s also “If a person of color was hired, there must have been a more qualified white person who was passed over.”

Name me one.


Written by dieblucasdie

May 27, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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