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I absolutely love Greg Gutfeld’s piece from yesterday.  It’s like he started out on the classic “YOU LIBERALS SAY THAT…” attack, then even he got bored with it.

So The FBI and NYPD busted a homegrown terror cell Wednesday – a group of four men who wanted to replace two Bronx synagogues with a crater.

(Thank God religion had nothing to do with it.)

It turns out that all the explosives they purchased were fake – supplied by agents pretending to be Al-Qaeda militants. Chuck Schumer called the group “relatively unsophisticated,” which I guess should make us happy.

But it pisses me off. Frankly, I don`t give a flying imam how incompetent a terrorist is. I don`t care if they couldn`t tell the difference between a Stinger and a stapler, the fact is – it`s dangerous and stupid to make light of their ultimate goals, simply because they didn’t reach them.

Chuck Schumer wasn`t doing that – thankfully, even he stressed the need for vigilance. And I admit the typical, dismissive attitude toward the threat of terror hasn`t happened just yet.

But it`s only been a day. Give it time, folks. 

He was all set to rip into Schumer for being so unserious about terrorism, but then realized that “relatively unsophisticated” was a completely accurate description, and that part of fighting terrorism effectively is having the ability to recognize the varying seriousness, credibility, capacity, and resources of different would-be terrorists.  

So instead of ripping into Schumer, he goes after unnamed “liberals” and “blogs” who totally are going to make light of this threat at some point in the future.  That’s a neat argumentative trick.  Attack your enemies for things they haven’t even done yet.  Cause they might do it!  Based on your totally unbiased impression of them!  The Bush Doctrine goes blog!


Written by dieblucasdie

May 22, 2009 at 2:11 pm

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