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While Steven “There’s No Such Thing as a Good Liberal”  Crowder certainly wins for biggest jackass on Big Hollywood‘s (metaphorical) payroll, and Doug “Intelligence Has Only Made Us Immoral with More Knowledge”  TenNapel owns the sheer-stupidity department, Charles Winecoff is definitely king when it comes to hysterical overreactions.  

Recently, at the office (a place I sometimes affectionately refer to as Obama Central), I made the mistake of printing out a Washington Post editorial that questioned the foreign policy expertise of our new Commander-in-Chief.  By the time I got to the printer to pick it up, someone else had already seen it – and stamped “DENIED” across the top of the page in red ink.  Next to that was scrawled, “RIGHT WINGER GO HOME.”

The first thing that went through my mind was: cross burnings.  The second was: children are evil (my workplace is overrun by hundreds of twentysomethings).

Yeah, that’s EXACTLY like cross-burnings.  Jesus fucking Christ. The first time I read this, I thought he was joking, making a comical exaggeration for effect.  But no:

As I headed back to my office, images of the Ku Klux Klan, going after people they didn’t know in the middle of the night, raced across my brain.  Then I had to stop myself.  And chuckle.  There was no comparison.

Instead of gossiping at the water cooler, today’s privileged jugend hover in packs around TV monitors to mock the usual suspects – poor old Sarah Palin, the Tea Partiers, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Miss California (chivalry is deader than dead).  Together, they telegraph their warning to anyone who might disagree: don’t

But my gut kept telling me there was.  Whoever stamped ”DENIED” across my document clearly felt justified in defacing it.  Though petty, this was a hostile act – another tiny blow in the insidious war on free thought.  And one thing I’ve noticed in the stifling PC smog of LA: the Obama generation doesn’t think twice about openly ridiculing folks who don’t follow in lockstep.  They’re still acting like there’s a Texan in the White House.  They can’t let go.  They don’t want to.  Because, like the believers of a certain 7th century ideology that’s made a big comeback in recent years, their objective is not, despite claims to the contrary, to coexist.  To quote Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, it’s “to rule.”

Yeah, poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  She’s a fucking modern-day Emmett Till.

I tried to be rational.  Whoever defaced the page had no way of knowing who had printed it out – just as I had no idea who the defacer was – so it wasn’t personal.  Still, it was hurtful.

And it was bigoted. The defacer didn’t know anything about me – my political affilitation (sic), my sex, my race, nothing.

I love how he’s perfectly willing to jump to the conclusion that every liberal in LA is some sort of hideous Michael Moore/Adolf Eichmann/Lord Voldermort hybrid, but balks at the (plainly accurate) characterization of himself as a “right-winger.”  

Don’t worry though, this piece takes a turn for the AWESOME when Winecoff decides to make it a generational call-to-arms of the “Johnny Unitas, now there’s a haircut you can set your watch to” variety.  

They believe Loose Change is an important documentary, Al Franken a natural for the Senate, and Arlen Specter a hero.  They judge people not for their principles or achievements, but by the letter that comes after their name.  The one coworker I saw who dared walk the Yes We Can-festooned halls in a McCain T-shirt last fall got singled out by a supervisor (”Are you serious?”).  The answer?  Of course not – the tee had been donned as a joke.

Kids today.  They enjoy complete freedom to open their pieholes at the slightest brainfart.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  That should be a benefit of freedom.  Yet despite the apparent spontaneity of their farts, a strange uniformity pervades.

Yeah, kids today.  With their “voting” and their “engagement in politics.”  What is the world coming to?

Twenty-somethings are fond of declaring, “It’s a free country!”  But is it?  Really?  And what exactly does that notion mean to them, anyway?  Because from what I can tell, they believe the First Amendment is a natural phenomenon which, unlike the climate, will never change.  At the same time, these kids – who see nothing odd about surrounding themselves with creepy, halo’d icons of The One – mock folks who actually make the effort to exercise their right to free speech on talk radio, at Tea Parties, and at workplace printers.  Talk about a false sense of security.  They think this double standard is perfectly normal..

hahahaha “It’s a free country” is the best example of youth slang Winecoff can come up with?  I feel like I should send him a hip-hop mixtape or something.  Lord knows he needs it.  Good thing, that, contrary to what Winecoff seems to think, mockery is also a form of speech.  Mocking you does not actually curtail your right to free speech!  It’s just an exercise of mine!

In 1983, best-selling shrink M. Scott Peck published his second book, People of The Lie.  In it, he tells the stories of several patients whom he came to believe could be clinically diagnosed as “evil” – a character disorder he describes as “militant ignorance.”  According to Peck, an evil person prefers to psychologically destroy others rather than face his (or her) own faults, exhibits zero empathy towards his targeted scapegoat, and enjoys falsely labeling other people as evil.

You know, like spending eight years comparing people you disagree with to Hitler.

Yeah, this comes after he compared literally everyone under 30 to the Hitler Youth, and to sociopaths (which is what that Peck book is about).  These liberals are sociopaths!  They see conservatives as less than human! 

Oh, wait:

In Don Siegel’s classic sci-fi flick, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), the citizens of Santa Mira, California, are gradually replaced in their sleep by emotionless impostors – the proverbial “pod people.”  The film is often interpreted as an allegory for Communism and McCarthyism (a tactic first reviled, then hijacked, by the Left).  But Body Snatchers is more relevant than ever – right here, right now.

And then they’ll come after you.

You walk the halls, wander the streets, visit the homes of other two-legged beings who appear to resemble you on the surface.

When did they all fall asleep?  When are they going to wake up?  Perhaps when they learn, the hard way, that freedom is not just another convenience.

Meanwhile, try not to express a dissenting or individual thought – and don’t gasp if one of them lashes out viciously at a friend who steps out of line – because that’ll clue them in that you’re still human.




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