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I’m not really interested in getting into an argument about the relative merits of Judd Apatow (I have mixed feelings, especially about his recent work), but I wanted to comment on this:

As for the charge of homophobia, leveled by none other than “Freaks and Geeks” writer Mike White, here’s the rub, and it won’t go down easy. No matter how accepted homosexuality becomes in this society or just about any other, dudes will always crack gay jokes. The resurrection of Prop 8 could fail by a hundred percent, and dudes will still crack gay jokes. My son is six. He’s never cracked a gay joke, I’ve never told him what gay means outside of  the context “The Wiggles” or “Barney” saying something is happy and gay. But when we were at open house at his school in West L.A., he warned me not to use the middle urinal in the bathroom, “Because Mark told me it’s the gay one.”

“So what, what does Mark know?” I asked, stepping up to the urinal.

“Dad! He knows! He’s in the third grade!” my son exclaimed as some other kids came in, laughing and pointing. I’d like to say that I acted like a grown up in this situation, but I’d be lying. Instead, I bellowed, “I’m not gay! You are!”, zipped up before I was finished, and ran back to the open house, my pants stained with pee, their laughter echoing in my head.

Uh, that’s actually a great case-in-point for why it’s important not to engage in casually homophobic jokes, even the ones that seem harmless.  The more it’s out there in the culture, the more it propigates in non-obvious ways.  You think that kid came up with homophobia out-of-the-blue?

Also, given recent events, I think it’s massively naive, if not outright offensive, to claim that gay-baiting as a bullying tactic is a natural, harmless state of affairs.


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May 5, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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