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Out of totally selfless feminist concern, Skip Press recommends that all you dumb sluts out there keep your clothes on:

Yet another woman has lost her job when it was learned she posed in Playboy, proving once again there’s no shortage of fools in America.

California cheerleading coach Carlie Christine was fired by Casa Robles High School “amid backlash from parents” after being selected as Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Week.”

Press then goes on to name several other famous cases of “naked pictures leak, woman’s career ruined” before reaching the following conclusion:

It seems that what too many of these women fail to see when they pose for these photos is that they have crossed the line from human to commodity. In Dr. Laura’s case, she apparently thought her boyfriend would never betray her by sharing the photos. Vanessa Williams believed she was legally protected with a written document regarding her pictures, and apparently Hugh Hefner agreed and turned down the pictures. Bob Guccione of Penthouse didn’t agree, published them, and ended up with a $14 million profit. Did this exposure (pun intended) help the very talented Ms. Williams? You could say that, but more likely, she was simply able to overcome the situation by talent and force of will, just as Dr. Laura managed to put her problem behind her.

When you become an object in people’s minds, you’re a commodity, the kind of thing that often ends up in a trash dump.

If the simple existence of photographs of your unclothed body means you will “end up in a trash dump” you are already a commodity, already an object long before you ever step in front of the camera.

Pr0n is the only literal marketable good at play here, but it isn’t the “commodity” that interests Skip Press and other moral tsk-tsk, *cough*slut*cough* crusaders.  It’s not even nudity.  It’s not even the female body.  It’s motherfucking chastity, in the most broad sense of the word.  For Press, a woman’s worth, even her worth as a worker/laborer/wage-earner, is directly tied to her ability to keep her legs shut, blush at the right times, and never show any ankle.

I love seeing a beautiful nude woman, but preferably if she’s someone I’m in love with, and we’re alone. If she were mine, I wouldn’t particularly want her displaying it all for the world to see. I wouldn’t hold it against her, I guess, but in my years of experience of knowing people involved in media nudity, the end result is usually far different than what they expected.

Yeah, because clearly it’s Carlie Christine’s job to live up to what you want in a woman, you self-centered fuck.

Ultimately, people only give you the respect you demand and deserve. I wonder what would happen if the majority of women simply stopped taking their clothes off except for men who loved and treasured them? How different of a world would it be?

Counter-proposal:  how about women do whatever they fuck they want to do, and the “men who love and treasure them” learn to fucking deal and stop being sanctimonious any time a woman does anything even tangentially related to her sexuality?


Written by dieblucasdie

April 20, 2009 at 7:49 pm

3 Responses

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  1. It’s the “If she were mine” that’s the real tell. “If she belonged to me, I would expect her to share her nude body with me and me only.” He’s contrasting commodification of female nudity with female nudity as property of male. They’re really the same thing.


    April 20, 2009 at 8:46 pm

  2. That is undoubtedly true. What makes it even creepier in this instance is that he’s specifically commenting on women’s value to the workplace.

    Like, even if I agree with his assessment that public display of nudity is degrading, WTF does

    ” I wonder what would happen if the majority of women simply stopped taking their clothes off except for men who loved and treasured them? ”

    Have to do with whether these women keep their jobs or not?


    April 21, 2009 at 4:42 am

  3. […] the moral scold in reaction to TMZ-level gossip, there’s a lot to choose from.  So why does Big Hollywood only do it when it involves a woman posing for naked photos? All that’s left to ask is what […]

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