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I’m a little proud of John T. Simpson today.  Looks like someone’s been reading my blog!  He manages to avoid the strawman-ey “YOU LIBERALS THINK THAT…” thing that Big Hollywood normally does, and restricts his attacks to actual flesh-and-blood liberals.  He even attacks actual quotes instead of his own paraphrasings!  And when he brings up that DHS publication they’ve been harping on, he links to the real report!  Instead of like, a Confederate Yankee post on it or something.

Well, OK, he still gets Godwin’d

Good question. I’m keeping my eyes peeled, people. You should too. For any more government issue insanity like DHS’ Right Wing Extremism report which, though not as severe as Hitler’s Night and Fog Decree, is just about as broad. Or the Fairness Doctrine, which is less fairness and more doctrine, and could even regulate web content. Just like Iran and China do. Feeling better now?

and it happens after he’s already complained several times about liberals’ comparisons of Bush and Hitler, but he still makes it a solid 500 words before that happens.

Really, though, the introduction of basic intellectual rigor only serves to better illustrate how dumb his argument is.  Simpson:

And now we find that NSA intercepts of Americans have skyrocketed in recent months under the Obama Administration, and well beyond limits set by Congress. The NSA called it “an over-collection of domestic communications in America.”

Over-collection on whom, exactly? DHS-declared extremist threats? Or ‘right wing chatter’? Funny. I never saw the term ‘left wing chatter’ used in any government report. In fact, the term ‘left wing chatter’ isn’t even in the DHS report on possible left wing cyber attacks! How bad is that? In fact, the only other place I’ve seen that term used by the government is for ‘chatter’ on Al Qaeda websites.

If people like Simpson are spending time worrying about DHS’ reports’ diction, then I think the Dems have 2010 in the bag.  Or did I miss the word “chatter” becoming an offensive term?  Sheesh, I thought YOU LIBERALS were supposed to be the overly PC ones.

I do agree, though, with the main thrust of Simpson’s argument, which is that it’s ridiculous for Susan Roesgen to prize dissent from the left, and deem dissent from the right unpatriotic.  With a few caveats:

1) Some of the dissent has been, by definition, unpatriotic, such as raising the specter of secession, or threatening to “Go Galt.” I understand Perry and Dr. Helen do not represent everyone on the right, but y’all are supposed to be the ones who are good at message discipline.

2) Roesgen notwithstanding (and I have no objection to the assertion that she is a total tool), by and large the left’s reaction to the Tea Parties wasn’t “You guys are Anti-American!  You should be censored!”  It was “LOL.”

I may laugh my fucking ass off at what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.


Written by dieblucasdie

April 19, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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  1. Thanks, Chatty! I’ll take all the free press wherever I can get it, on the off-chance readers will make up their own minds about my work.

    I also thank you for giving me some credit, as opposed to pulling a total ‘Pinchy’ on me. You’re all right!

    And you’re right. I do worry about a DHS report with a lot of MAYs and MIGHTs and PROBABLYs with no statistics, evidence or even names, like the DHS Left Wing Extremism reports had. Except for Timothy McVeigh’s, whom the Left has made our Osama bin Laden to be tainted with for all time, it seems.

    BTW The only domestic terrorist on the FBI’s Top Ten Terrorist list is a left-wing extremist animal rights nut named Daniel Andreas San Diego, who blew up two labs in CA. Just put up there last week. FYI.

    As for worrying, what DIDN’T you Lefties worry about under Bush? You bit your nails down to the knuckles! And which is worse? Ranting about secession or the assassination of the president, which even became liberal chic for awhile?

    Anyway. Thanks again. Appreciate it 🙂

    Best Regards, Johnny Simpson.

    PS I’m being REAL nice to Lefties posting my work. Besides the free advert, I know how much it pisses you all off, not getting under my skin. Which you aren’t. It’s a free county.

    Last I checked, that is. Which reminds me 😉

    John T. SImpson

    April 26, 2009 at 12:27 pm

  2. Well,

    1) I was, in fact, against the very creation of DHS. The argument I offered Republicans at the time was, “You know, you guys are probably going to regret this when there’s a Democratic administration,” as it was with so many of Bush’s bureaucratic policies.

    I’m just not sure why y’all are freaking out over this particular DHS assessment, since its key finding is that right groups don’t represent any violent threat.

    2) You’ll notice my praise for you in the first couple paragraphs, there. If you go back it’s obvious that Romano and Jena didn’t even read the report that had them so incensed.

    3) Tim McVeigh did, you know, kill a lot of people. And I don’t think that anyone would argue that law enforcement being aware of white supremacist groups is a bad thing. That’s what 99% of that assessment is about.

    4) I believe that a healthy opposition party is essential if we’re going to have a two-party system, so I’m completely sincere when I say that y’all really, really need to get over the whole “if it pisses liberals off it must be good” thing.

    It’s not good for you. It leads to silly things like Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties. Sure, those might piss liberals off! But you’ve moderates and independents sitting there wondering what the hell you are even on about.

    5) I never called for Bush’s assassination or any state’s secession (oh hai Gov. Perry). I’m sure some people on the left did, but I’m not sure how that’s germane to the discussion at hand. If you’d like we could go tit for tat and I could post a bunch of crazy Freeper comments.


    April 26, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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