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Scare Quote Watch, Day 21

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Ah, Alfonzo Rachel.  So we meet again.  Your new pieces have been posted at Big Hollywood only sporadically.  I was beginning to wonder if Breitbart got drunk and hit on Dr. Helen at one of the Tea Party planning meetings or something.

In characteristic style, Zo says that Obama thinks Americans are “arrogant” and that Republicans are “dismissive of the vote of the people,” then goes on to attack Obama as if he actually said those things.  Which, no, he didn’t say either of those things, Alfonzo Rachel did.  Since one of my ongoing schticks is to point Big Hollywood contributors to wikipedia articles that plainly answer questions they ask rhetorically, I’ll send Rachel here.  

He spends the whole piece bristling at the “arrogant” accusation (which no one made), offering up example after example of American noblesse oblige as proof that YOU LIBERALS are wrong when you call Americans “arrogant.”  Except, uh, all the examples of American altruism he offers are liberal policies he actually opposes.  Healthcare and education for children of illegal immigrants, foreign aid to Muslim countries, etc.

And that new background.  Ugh.  Dude is going to break out into “Kung Fu Fighting (Remix)” any second.


Written by dieblucasdie

April 16, 2009 at 10:50 pm

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