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A Big Hollywood contributor who goes by “Mr. Wrestling IV”  (he’s an actor who fears reprisals for his conservative views.  The smart money says that he played the guy who discovered the body on last week’s Law & Order), is appalled that rock n’ roll has gone from an acerbic counter-culture to a weak-willed Obama lapdog.  

Finally, someone has the courage to take on the avatars of youth culture, the sacred cows of the rock canon:  John Mellencamp and Jon Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi, among other distasteful acts of sucking up to various Democrats, went on Larry King in 2006 and called Al Gore “the smartest man I’ve ever met…. We do get together socially and I just sit in awe of him.” 

Good Grief, Jon, what happened to “Livin’ On a Prayer“?  What an anthem of self-reliance that was!  “We’re halfway there, take my hand, we’ll make it I swear?” Now you’re sitting in AWE of some hack politician who won’t even turn off his own lights for Earth Hour?  Mellencamp?  What happened to “I fight authority, authority always wins“?   “Ain’t that America, home of the free”?  And Springsteen?  What happened to “I’ve got this guitar and I’m learning how to make it talk”?  Did a government program teach you to play, Bruce?  “This is a town full of losers/and I’m pulling out of here to win”?  If the government guarantees that there will be no losers, how the hell will anyone ever win?

Anyone who listens to “Livin’ on a Prayer” and, as a first reaction thinks, “what an anthem of self-reliance!” is smoking better shit than I am.  All three of those artists have always been quite liberal, and none are exactly good examples of “where rock is heading” in 2009.  Two of them never were.

The Young Rascals, though, now there’s a band that knew how to fight the power:

So pucker up, all you aging rockers out there.  It’s a new, exciting time in rock history. Gone are the days when the Young Rascals sang “People Got To Be Free” :

All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
I can’t understand it, so simple to me
People everywhere just got to be free
If there’s a man who is down and needs a helping hand
All it takes is you to understand and to see him through
Seems to me, we got to solve it individually
And I’ll do unto you what you do to me
There’ll be shoutin’ from the mountains on out to sea
(out to the sea)
No two ways about it, people have to be free

(they got to be free)

I love how he bolded “individually.”  Could he have possibly picked a more toothless protest song as a counterexample?  Who the fuck disagrees with the proposition “people gotta be free”?


Written by dieblucasdie

April 16, 2009 at 5:40 pm

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