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Doug TenNapel tells us why he took his family to a Tea Party.  (As a side note, today is a school-day, and it’s not yet even 1:30 EST, so presumably he either pulled his kids out of school, or out of bed insanely early for this).

I’ve never been to a protest. I hate protesters because they seem to be professional bitchers. They’re quick to complain and jump to picket signs and screaming at the drop of a hat.  I wouldn’t want my kids to be near that protest because the teens were screaming so loud and some were covered in fake blood, carrying signs with Bush super imposed with Hitler. Their chants included saying “fuck” a lot. Apparently, daddy’s private school money didn’t pay for an etiquette workshop.

Yes, you want to indocrinate your kids with far-right policies, but not expose them to the consequences.  I’m sure someday they’ll be happily in college while you’re still writing screeds demanding their peers be sent across the world to kill Arabs.  BOO!  FUCK!

And, you know, protesters do not get paid to bitch.  Big Hollywood contributors, however, do.

But on Tea Party Day, no freaks show up. Because the issue isn’t about complaining that an untraditional group can’t get married. It’s not about opposing a war that some people approve and others don’t. It’s about being over-taxed to fund bail outs and expand government to exert control over the citizens. Who, besides this administration isn’t for that?

Yes!  These protests aren’t about unimportant, wedge-issue distractions like pre-emptive foreign wars, they’re about life-and-death stuff like a 3% marginal increase in the highest income tax bracket!

Now all that’s left is to watch media declare the tea party a quagmire, a sexual innuendo, an act of hypocrisy. The usual.

Happy to oblige!  Fuck!


Written by dieblucasdie

April 15, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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