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imageNed Rice put on his detective hat this Holy Saturday, and uncovered some liberal bias at National Public Radio.  Apparently Morning Edition interviewed an 85 year-old man who has spent his entire life maintaining the stained glass at the National Cathedral.

After briefly recapping his subject’s remarkable life-in-art host Scott Simon took the interview in a different direction by asking LeCompte, “Do you believe in God?”  His response was as follows:  

“I believe in kindness and love, and there are those who say those are God.  I don’t know, but I respect and love kindness and love, and worship them, and if I’m worshipping God, then I’m delighted.”  

Hmmm.  Well, no, Mr. LeCompte, you are most definitely not worshipping God by worshipping kindness and love, as worthy as those two pursuits might otherwise be.  Even I, a non-practicing Christian, know that.

First off, where does a “non-practicing Christian” (read: “I’m too fucking lazy to drag my ass to church on Sunday, but I still enjoy the feeling of moral superiority”) get off ripping on the religious views of an old man who has devoted his life to religion?  So he’s gotten a little New-Agey about it.  So what?  Chill the fuck out.

With this interview being broadcast on Holy Saturday– the day before Easter, the single holiest day in the Christian calendar-did veteran host Scott Simon try to steer the interview into slightly less contentious waters?  By asking, say, a question about some technical aspect of creating stained glass?  He did not.  

Q:  Could I get you to talk just a little bit more? 

A:  Whatever you wish. 

Q:  It occurs to me that we could fairly describe you as…well, perhaps as a believer in kindness as opposed to a deity.  I’m touched by the fact that you and the Bible are in the same business-you illuminate these stories. 

A:  Well, I’m certainly not trying…to yell at people for what they’ve done and to say that they’ll be in Hell. 

If you’re keeping score at home Mr. LeCompte has (so far) denied the existence of God, suggested that the Church (by which I take it he means Christianity) is unkind, and strongly implied that the purpose of the Bible is to “yell at” people and tell them they’re going to hell.  Was he finished?  He was not. 

“There cannot be Hell,” LeCompte went on to say, “except as we make it.  There’s Hell on Earth, certainly…I’ve tasted it.”      

Perhaps LeCompte felt that his evisceration of Christian doctrine was incomplete until he also denied the existence of Hell and, presumably, Heaven.  

OH GOD, NOT HOLY SATURDAY!  Rice has an awful lot of presumablies here, but let me take the most obvious one:  There are, in fact, millions of people on this earth who believe in an afterlife without believing in Hell, specifically.  If there can be a (presumably!) Heaven-bound “non-practicing Christian,” surely there can be a Christian who doesn’t believe in Hell?  I know many.  

There’s a part of me given to poetic justice, though, that hopes both LeCompte and Rice are Sheol-bound.  

As any longtime NPR listener can tell you, the network has nothing but contempt for traditional American institutions, especially conservative ones like Christianity.  And while they’re generally better at cloaking their enmity towards the church under that public radio aura of detached objectivity, that hatred reared its ugly head during the LeCompte interview. 

First off, let me point out that it was an interviewee making the claims that offended Rice, not NPR.  The O’Reilly Factor is totally a DNC-mouthpiece because it had Obama on.  And finally, I’m going to use this “NPR is a bunch of Christian-bashers” thing as an excuse to link to this NPR Fresh Air interview with Father Greg Boyle.  For my money, dude was second only to Dorothy Day when it comes to Badass American Catholics, and his story is the kind not often told outside LIBERAL, tweed-jacket venues like NPR.



Written by dieblucasdie

April 14, 2009 at 7:15 am

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