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Apparently, Hollywood is so sickeningly PC, that they haven’t even made a movie about something that happened yesterday!

In a dangerous and dramatic throwback to eras long thought dead, pirates are once again actively threatening lives and property of honest seafaring men along the African coast.

The situation presents a perfect opportunity for:

A. Hollywood to produce an exciting action/adventure film based on real world events.

B. The American president to make a rousing and pointed statement on his firm support of the rule of international law on the open seas and how he’ll defend the safety of his citizens if endangered anywhere on Earth.

1) I guarentee Hollywood will make a movie about Somalian pirates.

2) There are, in fact, many movies that involve modern-day piracy in general.

3) Obama declined comment when asked about the hostage situation at a forum on housing policy.  What a PC jerk!  He won’t even respond to a question about delicate, ongoing hostage negotiations when asked at an unrelated event!

As the FBI joined the delicate negotiations, President Barack Obama, facing one of his first national security tests, declined comment when asked about the standoff. Vice President Joe Biden said the administration was working “round the clock” on the problem.

The incident epitomizes the limits of U.S. power in an age of increasing threat from violence-minded, faceless groups and individuals.

Attorney General Eric Holder said “we’ll obviously do what we have to do to make sure that the maritime life of this nation is protected.”

The bastards!

Even if he were right, and Obama and Hollywood were ignoring this, I’m still not sure WTF political correctness would have to do with anything.

UPDATE:  In a shocking turn of events, I was right and a Big Hollywood contributor was wrong.  BH itself links today to the announcement of a SpikeTV (a member of the same nefarious MTV umbrella that made, for example, Stop Loss) reality series about Navy pirate-hunters.

Producers had been talking to the Navy about it for months. But the deal was sealed last week while the standoff with pirates who had taken Capt. Richard Phillips hostage was ongoing.

Spike television says it hopes to make a series showing the everyday work of the Navy as it patrols the dangerous waters off the African coast. No air date has been set.

Such a depressing lack of courage!


Written by dieblucasdie

April 10, 2009 at 9:37 pm

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