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50cent-gunsWhile I do favor some common-sense gun laws, I’m not a very good SOCIALIST in that I’m not particularly interested in severely restricting the sale and the possession of most guns.  I mean, I’m a native Montanan and a borderline anarchist besides; I’m like one Huckabee administration away from holing up in some sort of mountain fortress anyhow.

There’s a difference, though, between asserting gun ownership as a fundamental liberty and bulwark against tyranny, and actually advocating that all citizens arm themselves.

Beyond the inevitable, yet ultimately meaningless, questions of why he did it, there’s a much more important question we should be asking ourselves:  What if one or more of those innocent civilians had been packing, and was trained, and drew his or her gun…and shot back? 

Things may have turned out very differently.

What is needed, now more than ever, is for Americans to pull their heads out of their tails and become proficient with firearms.  And then, having gained competency with their safe usage, arm themselves.   And then, having armed themselves, be prepared to deploy those arms in the responsible defense of innocent life. 

Guns stop crime.

Really?  The only possible solution to mass shootings you can come up with is “everybody should arm themselves to the teeth”?  Yes, I’m sure turning mass shootings in mass shootouts will totally protect against the loss of innocent life. 

Now…  I understand this is anathema to many on the Left…and probably some on the Right.   Fantasies of ‘the Wild, Wild West‘ roam through their minds; people brandishing guns at the least provocation, shootouts in the streets, neighbors drawing down on each other if one refuses to turn down the music or take in their trash cans.  And sure, there are exceptions to every rule…parts of the Middle East come to mind…

But in civilized society, this saying largely holds true.  An armed society is a polite society.  There is something that comes over a person once they, A) have been highly trained in one or more of the firearms skills, and B) are armed with a gun.   One’s countenance steadies.  Your very carriage changes.  You become a model citizen; because along with the actual physical training of gun handling and manipulation, safety awareness, loading, malfunction clearance, and general marksmanship…comes education.   Legal, civil, ethical…and moral.  

It kind of undermines your whole “a gun is just a tool” argument when you talk about how staying strapped makes you feel like a Real Man.  If it’s all about a feeling of self-possession and power, as opposed to cold, hard pragmatism, how can you really be trusted to use it responsibly? 

Am I advocating breaking the law?  Yes.  I’m advocating civil disobedience.  In support of the Law of Moral Common Sense.   I’m not a vigilante.  But I am prepared to risk criminal prosecution in order to defend innocent life.  Concealed-carry permits are almost all but impossible to get in Los Angeles currently, even to a model citizen who is also highly trained in the use of firearms like myself.  So do I have a concealed carry permit?  Yeah – it’s called the 2nd Amendment.

“The competent deployment of a gun, on scales both personal and national, is the guarantor of our freedom.” – Gary Graham

Yeah, you’re a regular fucking Gandhi.  People who use quotations from themselves to bolster arguments are exactly the sort of people I want running around with concealed weapons.

I hope you shoot yourself in the foot, you fucking douche. -dieblucasdie 


Written by dieblucasdie

April 8, 2009 at 5:40 pm

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