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cartpics-406-4Bob Hamer is a retired FBI agent who went undercover to try to bring down NAMBLA.  I’m pretty sure Big Hollywood brought him on entirely in hopes that he’d start comparing Democrats to pedophiles.  And so far, he’s delivered.

What John also said was he used to live on the streets of Miami but moved to San Francisco because the public assistance was more lucrative in California. Another unforgettable character was Sam from Albuquerque. Sam was a three-time loser and thanks to our sting, was sentenced to thirty years. Sam, a former special education teacher and a member of the NAMBLA steering committee, their governing body, moved from Colorado to New Mexico because the Land of Enchantment had a reputation for being more sex offender friendly. Okay, Hamer, so get to the point.

As I read it, all of this is part of the Founding Fathers’ Plan. Limit the feds, give the states the power, let them experiment, let them compete, and maybe they can build a better mousetrap. Otherwise, if it were one size fits all, Miami would still have the John the child molester living within its city limits and Sam would have never left Colorado.

WHAT?  Seriously?  Like, children in Miami deserve to be raped more than children in California?  Safe-haven problems like this are actually one of the best arguments for a strong federal government (see also: Delaware’s role in the global financial meltdown).

Any normal person’s response to “New Mexico is lenient toward child molesters, so they are moving there en masse” would be “Jesus, that’s not good!  Someone should probably do something about that!” Not, “Ah, another example of the twin ethics of competition and experimentation at work!”  I guess Hamer thinks NM will reap its just rewards and people will move away?  Because a bunch of children will be getting raped all the time?  

Fuck, man, I guess you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, but I don’t know about this.  “Child-rape is bad, and should be prevented” seems like a prescription that’s basic enough that we shouldn’t have to wait for the magic crucible of The Market to tell us what to do.


Written by dieblucasdie

April 5, 2009 at 7:47 am

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