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I don’t know what Big Hollywood‘s obsession with tracking late night jokes is.  So they haven’t made fun of Obama much yet!  He hasn’t really done a whole lot yet, and there’s not much COMEDY in credit default swaps.  Crowder suggests teleprompter jokes and comparing Biden to Rainman, but, again, this isn’t humor, this is just talking points presented in a passive-aggressive way.

In any case, people have short memories.  If anything there was more hand-wringing in the late night world when Clinton left office.  At the time it was hard to imagine what Leno could possibly do without Lewinsky joke after Lewinsky joke.  

They managed fine with Bush.  Late night comedy, such that it is, hits only the broadest strokes.  “Bush is dumb,” “Cheney is evil,” “Bill Clinton is slutty,” “Hillary Clinton is frigid” etc etc.  Right now they don’t have that simplistic narrative for Obama.  Don’t worry dude, they will find one.  Even you will be sick of it by the end.

And complaining about Stewart not making fun of Obama?  A) Actually, he does that more than you’d expect, and B) Did you expect Stewart to go conservative all of the sudden?  You can complain about him not making fun of Obama when Bill O’Reilly starts making impassioned arguments for expanding Obama’s executive power.


Written by dieblucasdie

April 3, 2009 at 4:50 am

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