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darcy2_10You know, God help me, there’s much I agree with in Mike Long’s latest moralizing screed.  I’ve not seen the Last House on the Left remake, but assuming Long is correct about the lingering, leering nature of the rape scene, I’m with him to an extent.  

The torture pr0n genre of horror has long been about depicting violence against women in a way where it’s easy for the audience to both condemn it and get off on it.  It’s sickening every time it happens, and it’s a fucked-up mirror to our misogynist culture.   He does lose me a bit when he claims

Unlike other extremes in movies—we see murders all the time, for instance—rape is freighted with cultural and psychological impact that deserves special respect, for both the victims and for ourselves as civilized people. 

Because he’s veering into the “rape is especially bad because it’s a property crime against men/society” territory, but you can tell he’s just trying to go out of his way to be sensitive to rape victims, so I can let it slide.

I also agree with Long that censorship is no remedy.  He doesn’t say this, but the only true remedy at our disposal is to bitch about it loudly, and consistently.  It’s about reshaping culture.  

But, sigh, Long has to continue this argument in the most strawmantacular way possible, attacking imaginary people who are all about censoring Hollywood movies:

When filmmakers abuse their rights as they’ve done in Last House, they give a little more ammunition to those who would “protect” us (or the culture, or the country, or “the children,” or someone’s conveniently delicate sensibilities) from offensive or so-called “hate” speech. Never forget that there are a whole lot of folks who are anxious to use your offense as a way in–as the first stroke toward harnessing the coercive power of government to control what you can say about that government–plus entertainment, politics, and everything else.

So what’s worse about Last House on the Left, its callous depiction of rape or its incremental assistance to those who would limit free speech? Call it a toss-up.

You know, if you’re going to claim there’s people clamoring for strict censorship of Hollywood movies, you could at least, like, link to one.

OK, here, I’ll do it for you.


Written by dieblucasdie

April 1, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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