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 Tim Slalge tries a different tack today in the “Rap is Crap” argument that I can’t fucking believe they are still having.  He offers Ben Shapiro a sort of Pascal’s Wager.  “OK, Ben, rap might be crap, and you might really hate you some black people, but it’s in your best interest to live your life like that’s not the case.”

My friend Jane’s church has two services every week. The Sunday service is called the Seeker Service. It’s light, and the focus is on music and the positive aspects of religion. Sometimes they even have an entertaining play as part of the service. The Wednesday service is when the fundamentalist gospel happens; the hardcore stuff that might chase away new converts still questioning their faith. The concept has been hugely successful and these churches boast millions of members nationwide

I look at Big Hollywood as a Seeker site. We are here to attract people questioning their politics, and welcome them into the philosophy we call Conservatism.

This line of argument is fantastic.  I’m beaming right now.  “Shhhhh Ben, if you’re not careful, they’ll realize how fucking crazy we are before we have a chance to indoctrinate them!” 

Big Hollywood is a gateway drug, according to Slalge.  With the amount of time I’m spending reading it and responding to it, it’s only a matter of time before I move on the harder stuff, I suppose.  Your WNDs, your LGFs, maybe even Ace of Spades.  Two years from now this blog will just be links to Free Republic threads accompanied by random 4chan meme pictures and Simpsons references.

Slagle then moves on to elaborate on his argument for political utility:


Let’s assume you are right. Let’s assume rap is awful, and nihilist and destructive to the African American community So for the sake of argument, I agree with you. Rap IS crap. Now what? Exactly what is the role of a political party now that we have such information? Do we work with the FCC to keep it off the air? Do we boycott stores that sell it? Do we file class action lawsuits against the producers of rap, on behalf of the ruined urban communities? Do we prosecute rappers for conspiring to crimes? Do we BAN it?

You see, that is the problem. All these tactics are different levels of censorship; something we, as sworn guardians of the inalienable rights of man, are supposed to abhor. There is no political solution to rap. Taking on popular music, marginalizes ourselves further from the mainstream. There should be a corner of  our tent where rappers feel welcome.


Yes, rappers will be just rushing to sign up for CPAC 2010 after reading this little back-and-forth, I’m sure.  I am begging you, Andrew Breitbart, please, please, please give Kid Rock a regular column.  Please.

Or maybe this guy:


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April 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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