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eminem1Pam Meister, comin at ya live with the startling revelation that

reality shows in general are less about reality than exploiting people desperate for stardom and/or money.

OMG can you believe that asshole Richard Hatch won Survivor!?!  What a world!  And she goes on to say that, get this, our “celebrity-obsessed culture” has something to do with it.  My God, how could I have been so blind?

Elsewhere, Michael “I’m a filmmaker.  No, really.  Stop laughing!” Wilson weighs in on last weekend’s sissy slapfight between Tim Slagle and Ben Shapiro about the artistic merits of hip-hop.  By arguing that Eminem’s “Kim” acts as a safe, artistic outlet and a balm for rage and violence.  Dude, everyone from Rolling Stone to Access Hollywood to my college roommate had this argument played to death eight goddamn years ago.  Fuck, I remember having this conversation with my mom before the Grammys that year, and her chief exposure to pop culture is tuning into the Today Show whenever Andrea Bocelli is on.


Written by dieblucasdie

March 31, 2009 at 8:40 pm

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  1. […] tack today in the “Rap is Crap” argument that I can’t fucking believe they are still having.  He offers Ben Shapiro a sort of Pascal’s Wager.  ”OK, Ben, rap might be crap, and […]

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