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Scare Quote Watch, Day 3

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Alfonzo Rachel is on to me, guys.

I can think of only two possible reasons for why he’s brandishing a baseball bat throughout his new piece:

1) To physically restrain himself from the use of scare quotes by keeping his hands busy.

2) To accommodate Big Hollywood readers who were confused by the image of a black man who was not directly threatening physical violence.

Because I am vain, and because I have no real desire to parry Zo’s “YOU LIBERALS” with “YOU CONSERVATIVES,” I’ll be charitable and go with the first option.

For some reason Zo has returned to his old digs in an unnamed YMCA basement for this piece.  Either this is a re-run, or Zo’s strict opposition to affirmative action has made him realize that he could not, in good conscience, accept cash, promotion, and lame new backgrounds from Roger Simon and pajamasmedia at the expense of better qualified white men.

Anyhoodle, while Zo starts this piece with the standard “secret ballots are the best hedge against corruption” line against EFCA, you can probably guess where he ends up: 

To be a union worker, you have to have an entitlement mentality.

He’s not even specifying by union, or profession, or income level, or even country.  He’s saying all union workers are entitled little pricks.  Awesome.

So this piece is a wonderful case-in-point on the disingenuousness on the GOP side of the EFCA debate.  Zo ain’t really give a fuck about secret ballots; his beef is with unions.  He hates unions.  Full stop.  That’s what the argument is actually about.


Written by dieblucasdie

March 29, 2009 at 5:14 pm

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