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Hey, What Do You Know, My Own Research Group Came Up with Figures That Support My Ideology

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corr1Dr. Ted Baehr, who has a Juris Doctor, and so does not actually meet the conservative definition of “doctor,” has some startling evidence that, despite all indications to the contrary, people do not like movies with sex and violence in them.

This evidence is provided by… his own research company.  

Once again, Movieguide® Magazine’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry shows that moviegoers prefer movies with no explicit sex, nudity and foul language. This was especially clear in 2008. Movies with no foul language, sex and nudity averaged significantly more money at the theatrical box office in America and Canada than movies with some or a lot of such vulgarity, sex or nudity.

The highest grossing movie of 2008 was The Dark Knight, which made over twice as much as the highest grossing family movie, WALL-E (which still had some robot lovin’).

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that I buy his numbers.  What the fuck is Big Hollywood getting at here?  They’ve repped tirelessly for Gran Turino, and, lest we forget, here’s this nugget from the Male-Gigolo-in-Chief himself, anticipating an ultraviolent ol’ time at Watchmen.

As someone proudly “aroused by the look of vengeance, and by the stylized application of physical power,” — which in non-elite terms probably means: kicks unholy ass — Friday can’t get here soon enough.

Suddenly Big Hollywood is against violence in movies?  Zah?


Written by dieblucasdie

March 29, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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  1. […] My Editor is White, My Hyundai Blue So there was a bit of a sissy slapfight between two contributors over at Big Hollywood this weekend.  What was it that turned brother against brother?  Did a family member of a suicide victim take issue with Tim Slagle’s flip attitude on the subject?  Did one of the site’s many WGA or SAG members bristle at Alfonzo Rachel’s blanket condemnation of union activity?  Did Steven Crowder show up to offer a stirring apologia for boobies in film? […]

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