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I See Wut U Did Thar

See the About page if you’re wondering what we’re all doing here.

At some point I may go back and post on some of Big Hollywood‘s “greatest” “hits” (see wut I did thar?) if BH is having a slow week.  We can reminisce about that time Gary Graham was convinced that Eric Holder called him a racist, or the time the dude from Five for fucking Fighting wrote an extremely homoerotic song, or that time Big AB himself seriously accused the Obama Administration of Newspeak for doing away with the term “enhanced interrogation technique.”  For now, though, let’s just start with today.

Le Sigh.  Nothing too exciting here, just another day, another clip of Alfonzo Rachel babbling incoherently about perceived redistributionist policies, and being strangely lecherous in the pursuit of COMEDY.  It’s always disappointing when a BH piece is just far-right boilerplate that has nothing to do with Hollywood or pop culture.  

I do sort of wish someone would ask him if he opposes the progressive income tax entirely, or just opposes a 3% marginal increase on the top bracket.  Is redistribution of wealth bad per se, or is there some magical line crossed where too much = SOCIALISM.  Where is that line?  &etc?

In his defense, though, Zo does make it a full 10 seconds before using scare quotes to describe a liberal/Democratic position.  One of this blog’s goals is to wait anxiously for the day when the very first word in a BH piece is in scare quotes.

In this case, bonus points for being both strawmantacular and part of an elaborate, confusing metaphor.

Also, given the way Zo pantomimes the handling of metaphorical boobies (it says a lot about his psychosexual makeup that he free-associates pockets full of cash with T&A), AB:MC hereby marks 2.5 as the over/under for the number of individual boobies that Zo has handled in his life. 

Place yer bets.


Written by dieblucasdie

March 27, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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